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Horry County, South Carolina, to Amend Towing Ordinance – Council Says Collecting Vehicles Before Towing Needs to Stop

Oct 26th, 2010 | By | Category: National News

Horry County Council in South Carolina began regulating towing companies in the county earlier this year, this but Monday, Oct. 25, they revisited the topic and now say there are loopholes in the plan that need to be fixed, according to a news report.

The Council has received complaints that some towing are moving cars from where they were in violation to locations, sometimes just around a corner, and then coming back looking for more cars to pick up, the report states. In essence, the complaints claim these companies are creating an unofficial holding area before they haul them to the authorized towing lot, allowing themselves to tow more cars in a shorter amount of time.

The Council is amending the existing ordinance so tow truck operators in the county are required to take cars directly from the lot where they tow them to an approved location with no stops in between. Though what some of the companies have been doing, under the ordinance, isn’t illegal, the Council says it is not appropriate either, according to the report.

No major decisions were made at Monday’s meeting, but council members say they hope to have the process going and the amendment put into place at the next scheduled meeting in early December.