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Jan 31st, 2014 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack Schrock photoThis morning the temperature dropped to 15 degrees on my back porch and that’s unusually cold for central Texas. The cold is the result of the second Polar Vortex, approved or whatever they call it, that has invaded North America this winter. However, as I light a fire in the fireplace I am reminded of the benefits this cold weather brings to our industry. Indeed, inclement weather, summer heat and winter cold make the phone ring for T & R operators everywhere.

I-35 is the primary north-south access road from Mexico to the northeast and beyond and that means it’s crowded all the time, most especially during the day. Last I heard some 100,000 motorists pass by daily and most drive NASCAR-style — nose to bumper with dozens in a line drafting one another at 75-80 mph. Reminds me of the Pennsylvania Turnpike 25 years ago. Anyway, as a result of the bad weather and some black ice here and there, we just had a 200 (yes 200) car pileup the other day on I-35. Guess what? Central Texas soon ran out of “rekers” so it took some time to clear the scene and restore normal traffic flow. And any delay on the freeway is catastrophic. A guy with nothing more than a flat tire can back up traffic for 30 miles and two hours.

That reminds me of a tower from Amarillo who was pulling cars out of the ditch one snowy day. He charged a mere $20 for this quick recovery and most were glad to pay. Except for the guy with out-of-state tags who just gave him the American “Hi” sign instead, so the tower just pushed him back into the ditch where he was obviously a much happier person.