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High-Visibility HALTZGLOVES

Oct 12th, 2018 | By | Category: New Products

HALTZGLOVES are high-visibility reflective traffic gloves designed by a law enforcement officer to increase the visibility of first responders and anyone working in and around traffic, and decrease car-pedestrian accidents and fatalities.

Officer Deidre Goodwin knows that one of the most dangerous parts of her job is in and around traffic. She was inspired to invent a high-visibility safety glove after she was nearly struck by a car while directing traffic in Atlanta, Ga.

“Even though I was wearing gloves designed for directing traffic, I was nearly hit,” Goodwin said. “The driver said he could not see me.”

After realizing the gloves she was wearing had no reflective material on the palms, she searched for a glove to increase her visibility. When none could be found, she created her own.

HALTZGLOVES have been tested by police officers and created interest among runners and cyclists who want to increase their visibility.

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