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Nov 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

I am ordinarily a very positive person so bear with me as I relate a negative story that could have been positive.

Our daughter borrowed my BBQ trailer for a special event. Bringing it back she blew a tire and called for help. I responded and called one of my local tower friends but they were all jammed up with a major accident but, site not to worry, here comes another tower to check us out.

He was driving a relatively new 21-foot carrier, and I asked him to load the trailer on the back and take it to the tire store which was six blocks away. He sized up the situation and decided not to waste time with us. I even offered him more cash money than the job was worth, and help with loading the trailer.

Now, here’s the message I want everybody to understand. I will never, ever call or speak well of that tower who took the time to check us out and then drove off when we needed help along side a very busy freeway. But it gets worse. Knowing that I’ve been in the T & R business for years, friends often ask me for a recommendation when they need a tower. Yep, you got it … I will never, ever recommend that guy who left us stranded. In fact, I will tell people to avoid that tower and explain the circumstances, because we passed him sitting at the local coffee shop as we dragged our trailer to the tire store. He didn’t make any money that afternoon, and he’ll never make any money from me.

Some towers don’t understand the value of making “friends” along the way. They expect to make a home run with every tow. And, a guy like this gives T & R a black eye.