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Greasy Recovery

May 20th, 2011 | By | Category: Recovery

Submitted by Bob’s Garage & Towing of Painesville, Ohio.

We were dispatched to this call involving a Ford L9000 crane truck that hit a railroad bridge with the knuckle of its boom causing the truck to lose control, plow through the guardrail and into the pillars of another bridge.

The truck was hauling used cooking oil in four separate dumpster containers. The impact sent the grease and containers airborne, sending grease all over the highway. The fire department had to cut the driver out of the truck, and he was rushed to a local hospital where he was airlifted to another hospital. In the meantime, police, state troopers and the DOT did their investigations.

When we got the go-ahead we first removed a small tree in front of the casualty. We then positioned our Century 9055 and rigged to the front of the crane truck with Grade 100 5/8-inch chain for removal. Once at the roadway we lifted the front portion of the truck and chained the leaf springs to the front axle to hold them in place, then set the front axle on wood blocks to use our spring-hanger adapters for towing the truck.

After the crane truck was recovered, we loaded the containers back onto the truck’s bed and ratcheted them down. We then chained the boom in place and cleaned up the debris equipment scattered from the initial impact.

The roadway was then cleaned. Multiple dump trucks placed sand across the highway, and a street sweeper was brought in to spread the sand to reduce the grease on the highway surface.

The portion of highway was closed in one direction for at least four hours while both the bridges were inspected, along with the roadway, to ensure traffic could travel safely.