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Aug 31st, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I am totally challenged when it comes to driving and finding addresses. I don’t need “go east on Main Street” directions. I need “turn left on Main Street when you see the Ford dealership.” Many women I’ve talked to are the same – a bit directionally challenged. We need landmarks to help us navigate.

I  don’t have a GPS system in my vehicle but my sister does. She named her GPS “Pearl” because she says when it comes to giving great directions, Pearl is a “gem.” I had to laugh, but I also agree because Pearl gave us great directions getting through Chicago — no small feat.

GPS is for the most part a valuable tool not only for women like me but anyone on the roadways. But I have seen some pretty weird situations where drivers listened to their GPS directions and ended up in some strange places and situations. I think those drivers could have used a little more common sense instead of literally following their GPS.

Many towing companies charge a per-mile fee to help calculate a total cost for a tow. Again, GPS is a great tool in determining the mileage for the tow, but it doesn’t figure in congestion, construction delays and inclement weather. You can drive the same route – same mileage – in 20 minutes and the next time it could take over 50. How do you calculate and make up for the cost of lost time (and considering hours of service) and operational costs such as additional fuel?

Life as a tower is always a challenge, isn’t it? While I know a lot of us would love to be like GPS and tell people where to go (pun intended), we could all use the acronym GPS to stand for Good Problem Solvers.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend.