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Get Lifted

Oct 25th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri Roskpf PhotoOctober is breast cancer awareness month. I’m scheduled for my mammogram next month, this and while I don’t like getting “squished” I know I can tolerate the pain for a few minutes to make sure there isn’t anything to worry about. I always wait anxiously for the results and have been fortunate enough to have negative results.

I’m sure all of you have known a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or, heaven forbid, have been diagnosed yourself. I can only imagine the emotions you felt when you were given the news. I know I have cried and hugged one of my best friends as she battled the disease. We need each other at special times like that.

Much of society puts such emphasis on women’s breasts as a way of defining who she is. Society also puts a lot of “worth” in how a woman looks. What a tragedy if we gain a few pounds, or go out in public without make-up. I believe people should take this approach when deciding how truly beautiful a person is: If you were blind and couldn’t see how someone looked, how would you tell what kind of person she is and what she looks like?

I was trying on a dress for my daughter’s wedding and the front of it didn’t drape quite right. The saleswomen called in the seamstress to see what she thought. She took one look at me and said, “You need to get lifted.” I couldn’t help it — I burst out laughing. One bustier later, I was lifted and the dress draped just right. Amazing.

Let’s “lift” each other up; schedule that mammogram today. Or guys, encourage someone you know who hasn’t had a check up in a while to do it right away. Let’s all think pink – the best protection is early detection.