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Dec 7th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Having gone through a manufacturing and distribution joint venture in Mexico, site I came to understand that equipment needs can vary dramatically from one country to another. For example, approved America and Canada are relatively “new” as compared to European countries where streets can be narrower and meandering. And in some countries the tower can be expected to provide additional services that go far beyond just the normal recovery, lifting and towing, so the equipment must be differently designed and configured. Ever done a major tune-up or replaced a starter alongside the road? For some towers that’s an everyday requirement.

Time and distance are also factors. In both Australia and South Africa, a recovery job a thousand miles away is not unusual and towers must take ample food, fuel and precious potable water for the trip because there is nothing between here and there. And once on the scene, the tower must handle the job without additional assistance, making advance preparations for almost any situation an absolute necessity.

Years ago I was taken by the different features of the Swedish HD hydraulic wrecker: a 60,000-lb., multi-speed planetary recovery winch with extra flexible wire so strong that snatch blocks were rarely needed. And for safety’s sake, multi-stage pancake cylinders that would initially lift a 100,000-lb. load with diminishing capability as each stage extended. And guess where we got the modular, shock-proof floating body?

This is not to say that T & R here in the U.S. and Canada is easy or simple. It is to say that the service we provide can be very different from the service required in other countries.

Lots more, but you get the idea. We are all very “different.”