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Aug 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Over the past 50-plus years we’ve had several dogs; some big and playful and others small and cranky. My personal pick of the bunch was a standard poodle that was born to catch a Frisbee. She was always ready to play catch with anything. We bonded because I took the time to throw something that she would fetch and my arm always gave out before she did. When that happened she would throw her ball around and then chase after it.

Another critter that was much smaller was a Christmas gift for our daughter. This dog was cute but didn’t play much and became an “ankle biter” as an adult. After our daughter left home for study in Europe I called G’mother one day and offered to give her this dog if she would take it. They lived about 400 miles away and we agreed to meet midway to make the exchange.

Speaking of G’mother, this site a dozen years later we moved her to a nearby town when G’dad died and she brought a new little lap dog with her. After a period of time, we also became somewhat attached to her new dog so much so that my wife bought one exactly alike. They were good company, especially for G’mother who was living alone in a nearby senior center. When she died we naturally inherited her little companion. I converted the garden room into an air-conditioned dog house, complete with a doggie door that opened into a fenced back yard, making their “dog’s lives” better than many humans.

Now these two eat, sleep and run through the house now and then but mostly they just eat and sleep. So I prefer to call them “food processors.” That’s what they seem to do best.