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Florida Man Arrested After Attempting to Drive Car Off Tow Truck

Apr 18th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

A Port St. Lucie, healing Fla. man was arrested after attempting to drive his vehicle from a tow truck it was attached to, ed along with other charges, price on Friday, April 15. Mickey Angel Couvertier, 31, came out of his home and confronted a repossession agent hooking up his Buick Rendezvous to a tow truck. According to a news report, Couvertier requested to see paperwork regarding the repossession, and was shown it by the agent, who also let Couvertier retrieve items from the car.

As the agent pulled away, the report said, Couvertier got into the Buick and attempted to drive away while it was attached to the truck. He then got out of the vehicle, removed a “towing device” from car and took it inside his home. Couvertier then came out with two large kitchen knives, cut tie-down straps holding the vehicle and again tried to drive away.

Couvertier then removed another towing device from the car and took it inside his home before removing the tow truck’s gas cap and throwing it at the agent, hitting him in the mouth, the agent said. The agent told police Couvertier also poured water into the tow truck’s fuel tank.

Couvertier was arrested on charges including grand theft, throwing a deadly missile, felony criminal mischief, misdemeanor criminal mischief and battery.