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First Responders Too?

May 3rd, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

As previously reported, here long before the Dover acquisition, medicine the Ernest Holmes Company tiptoed around the idea of promoting a “first responder” status for T & R. Bill Jackson sold us on air bags not only for uprighting a heavy trailer but also for shoring an excavation to save trapped workers. And Ross Kinman also played a role by providing his version of the Jaws of Life which, order by the way, worked very well since they were electric over hydraulic which eliminated that cranky gas engine.

But, there’s far more to becoming a first responder than just some more equipment. There is the question of training and certification, though today in most states heroic efforts to save a life are encouraged and protected by Good Samaritan laws. So, would T & R seek cross-training or would it be best to have an EMT part of the T & R crew, thus allowing forward progress at the scene on concurrent fronts?

Then, of course is the question of jurisdiction, especially in urban areas where tasks are clearly defined and highly specialized. Does T & R seek to encroach on the sacred territory of others who are not only well trained, they are also well equipped to play a vital role at the scene.

Since I am not a tower, my opinion is highly suspect but let me advance it anyway. Me thinks that Towing and Recovery in and of itself is a highly specialized field that demands team training and proper equipment. And today not every tower reporting to the accident scene has either or both which, of course, downgrades our entire industry. So, T & R would be best served through improvements from within rather than trying to jump the fence into somebody else’s backyard.

Superior training and proper equipment dramatically improves our industry and secures our right to be a major player at the scene. And I suspect we are already moving in that direction. If you don’t believe that, take a look in your rearview mirror.