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Feb 12th, 2016 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockA good customer from West Texas was having trouble with tow slings — lots of trouble. So I made a call to find out why. We unpacked a new sling and installed it on an older 440 which we backed up to a wrecked car. I pulled the two pins and everybody took a deep breath. “Hey, what is that?” one of the drivers shouted. I told them this is how we extend the sling arms under the casualty. I then installed the J hooks and attached their chains to the crossbar and began lifting the casualty and the crossbar pins snapped into place as the bars retracted. I stowed the chain and looked at an amazed group of drivers, for nobody had known how to properly attach a TS100 tow sling.

The larger the wrecker the more there is to learn about attachment points, stabilizing the wrecker during recoveries and when to and when not to free-wheel the powerful winches — just to name a few. Those who haven’t taken the time to review the manual and become familiar with the various features are unwittingly selling their new wrecker — and what it does — short.

T&R equipment that has been “engineered” is jam-packed full of labor-saving features that also increase the usefulness of the equipment. Work smart and you’ll accomplish much more while saving your equipment for another day.