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FCC Ruling Impacts Wireless Radio Compliance

Aug 5th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

A new Federal Communications Commission ruling will impact many towing and wrecker companies using two-way radios, according to AAA Frequency Coordinator Gary Ruark. AAA provides FCC chartered frequency coordination services to the towing industry and all other Industrial/Business Pool licensees.

The ruling, FCC Public Notice DA 11-1189, mandates that VHF 150-174 MHz and UHF 421-512 MHz equipment operate on 12.5 kilohertz or narrower bandwidths beginning in January 2013. Ruark said FCC licenses bearing emission designators with numbers higher than 11K, like license A below, do not comply with the ruling but license B does because it has an acceptable narrow band emission.


license A



license B

Ruark said in most instances designators can be updated administratively and at no cost using the FCC’s Universal Licensing System. An alternative is to use a licensing agency such as RadioSoft, which will perform the service for a fee. Changes, such as switching from analog to digital communications systems, require the services of an FCC Frequency Coordinator and additional FCC licensing requirements and fees. Ruark advises affected licensees to act sooner rather than later in updating equipment and licenses to avoid last-minute backlogs. Failure to comply could result in significant FCC fines.

Visit the FCC web site at to research call sign information and make administrative changes. Visit or call 888-601-3676 for help. Contact Ruark at