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Extending Battery Life

Aug 16th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I was reading an article in a trade magazine titled: “Preventative maintenance for batteries and electrical systems. Following some simple steps will help extend battery life and keep total cost of ownership to a minimum.” I was struck at the similarity of the suggested practices of extending the battery life in a vehicle to extending my own physical battery.

The suggested practices were:

A visual inspection on a consistent basis. Not sure if I like this practice, ambulance the mirror doesn’t always give me the view I’d like.

Proper care and consideration. Yes, this site I know – exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables and get plenty of sleep. Some day that sleep part is going to come true, right?

Know and understand the battery’s state charge level. I don’t know about a vehicle battery’s state charge level, but watch out when I am fully charged and in full-steam-ahead mode — and don’t look at me when my voltage level goes low!

Test/evaluate the electrical system properly – starting and charging. I think this is where my husband, family, employees and customers come in. The life and job of a tower is constantly getting “tested and evaluated” – daily.

I guess in real life, the same principals of taking care of a vehicle battery apply to taking care of you. Batteries wear out and create an inconvenience and possibly dangerous situation and while a vehicle battery can be replaced, you cannot.