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May 18th, 2018 | By | Category: New Products is a free web service that allows tow providers to electronically identify and notify lien holders and owners. Its newest feature allows users to upload paper notices and documents for electronic distribution to lien holders and secured parties.

Users go to the website ( and enter a VIN or tag. If the information exists in the eimpound database, the user receives an e-receipt with contact information for the lien holder. Eimpound also sends the lien holder an electronic notification if there’s a database match. If the database doesn’t have it, eimpound keeps searching at no cost. If the desired information isn’t immediately available in the eimpound database, eimpound pays to search for and retrieve it from other databases across all 50 states and North America. The original requester receives the information on the registered owner and lien holder within two business days of their original search. In Canada, the eimpound team pays for a PPSA search.

VINs or tags can be entered one at a time, manually with a batch file or through an automatic batch feed on a timely basis. Whether or not there is a match and notification, the service remains free.

Eimpound also offers a free app for Apple and Android devices. The app allows users to scan a VIN with their phone or tablet and tap into the features of the eimpound website.

Search for “eimpound” on Google Play or the App Store, or download from here or here.

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