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Eaton Expands Procision Transmission Market Coverage With New Capacities

Mar 31st, 2017 | By | Category: New Products

Power management company Eaton has increased the horsepower and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ratings for the company’s line of medium-duty Procision® 7-speed transmissions. The new ratings were added to expand market coverage to a broader range of potential customers and to increase compatibility with additional diesel engines. Horsepower ratings have been increased from 260 HP to 300 HP, with maximum GVW ratings increased to 35,000 pounds on air brake-equipped vehicles and 33,000 pounds on Park Pawl-equipped vehicles.

“By extending the horsepower and GVW ratings on Procision, Eaton is providing more customers with the opportunity to spec this transmission to help them achieve better fuel economy and improve driver confidence across applications,” said Jeff Walker, product director, heavy-duty/medium-duty/hybrid transmissions, Eaton’s Vehicle Group. “Fleets that have specified and are running Procision today have seen the benefits, and today’s announcement broadens the range of applications for Procision.”


Designed specifically for Class 6 and 7 commercial vehicle and bus markets, Procision represents the first adaptation of dual clutch technology for these segments. By combining the efficiency of a manual transmission with the smooth shifting of an automatic transmission, Procision offers improvements in safety and low speed maneuverability when compared to torque converter automatic transmission technology.  Procision also provides customers with a lower total cost of ownership, thanks to extended maintenance intervals and 6-7 percent better fuel economy compared to a similarly equipped vehicle with a torque converter automatic transmission based on the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) Green House Gas Phase II certification methodology released in 2016.

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