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Dual-Tech’s Dual Winch Side Puller

May 4th, 2012 | By | Category: New Products

With the objective to create a safe and versatile side recovery device, symptoms Don and Donnie Roberts created a dual winch version of the side puller now seen on many tow vehicles. Available in 9,000-, 10,000-or 12,000-lb. capacities, the new Dual-Tech design allows the operator to perform recovery work from either side without having to climb on and off the bed to adjust the direction of pull. This feature enables towers in some markets to eliminate the need of having a second truck to stay on rotations where a self-loader with a winch and boom are required.

Built with a beefy frame, Dual-Tech’s (Patent Pending®) side puller is offered with both air-release and manual-release versions. For more information call 800-852-0345 or visit