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Dress for Success

Jun 11th, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

The band ZZ Top wrote a song titled “Sharp Dressed Man” – “clean shirt, new shoes, gold watch, diamond ring, top coat, top hat – ’cause every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.’” There’s something to these lyrics. You feel and act different when you’re dressed up. When you look sharp you stand out in a crowd and get noticed. The same goes for the towing and recovery industry.

A few years back, Tow Times published an article showing tow operator cartoon characters with the caption: “First Impression or Worst Impression? At the first meeting it takes only seconds for John Q. Public to make a judgement about a person. Which of these two do you think would be more favorably received?” The cartoon showed two men, one with an attitude from hell, 10w30 cologne, chili dog drippings on his shirt, his jacket doubling as a mechanics creeper and hand towel, his pants could stand up by themselves and he uses the napkin from the restaurant where he got the chili dog for making notes.

The other character wore a company hat, uniform shirt with company name and driver name, uniform pants and sturdy works boots along with gloves to protect his hands and keep them clean. He is smiling and has a professional, courteous and helpful attitude. Unfortunately, because this cartoon is from many years ago, there are no safety, high-vis apparel being used. Still, the message is quite clear between the two characters. If you’re professional in your manner and dress for success, you’ll have a lasting impression on your customer, one up on the guy down the road, and I know you’ll feel like a sharp dressed man — or woman.

I passed by an accident yesterday and just shook my head. Standing outside of his truck was the tow operator dressed just like the character described above – dark shirt and pants and no high-visibility ANSI 2 safety vest; which is required based on the speed zone he was in.

Next time before you head out the door to do a call, look in the mirror. Are you dressed for safety and success?  You’d better be, ’cause every boss crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed tower.