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Does Your Vote Really Count?

Jun 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Our state of Wisconsin just had a recall election for Governor. I’m a poll worker for the village I live in and, page because the recall brought out a lot of passion in voters, page the turn out was very high. It ranked right up there with a presidential election.

For me, cheap it was a long and exhausting day but I was glad to see the citizens of Wisconsin come out and exercise their right to vote.

I sometimes hear of excuses why people don’t vote.

“It’s only one vote – one vote doesn’t matter,”

“My wife votes for one candidate and I for the other, so we wash each other out,” or

“I don’t care for either candidate, so why should I vote?”

I really believe everyone’s vote does count and not just in politics. If you are a member of your state and/or national towing association, you joined for a reason. Maybe it was to be kept up-to-date on current legislation concerning the towing industry in your state and on the federal level, or maybe it was for the educational opportunities offered, or perhaps it’s the camaraderie with fellow towers who relate to the same day-to-day challenges you experience.

Regardless of the reason you joined, that association has a board of directors, and decisions concerning the association have to be made. The board can’t make the right decisions for the good of the whole of the association unless you — the member — participate. It’s your right and duty to vote on electing a new board member, approving an amendment to by-laws, or on an agenda item at your annual business meeting.

No more complaining and making excuses. Make a difference. Make your voice heard — your vote is important and really does count.

Now, how about a vote for having chocolate at every meeting?