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Deceased Seattle Tow Truck Driver Honored in Washington Traffic Incident Management Coalition Ceremony

Mar 9th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

A Seattle tow truck driver, information pills William “Tony” Padilla, medical killed Sept. 24, ailment 2010 by an impaired motorist while working on the side of the road, was honored by the Washington Traffic Incident Management Coalition (WTIMC) Tuesday, March 8, according to a news report.

The ceremony took place in Bellevue during the Coalition’s annual 2011 Traffic Incident Management Conference. The award was a recognition of the value tow operators bring to driver and responder safety, and their help in keeping drivers moving, the report states. As part of the honor, Padilla’s name has been added to the Circle of Honor Memorial Plaque, which recognizes other Washington State transportation and public safety employees who have lost their lives while doing their jobs.

In the ceremony, members of law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire department and WSDOT placed their hat or helmet on a table set for one that had Padilla’s helmet on it as well. The table was draped in a white cloth, symbolizing innocence, and had one red rose in a vase with a black ribbon around it, indicating Padilla would not return, and there was a place setting for one with an overturned glass, indicating that he would not be toasting with those at the ceremony, the report states.

The table remained for the duration of the day.

The WTIMC is made up of representatives from Washington State Department of Transportation, Washington State Patrol, Fire & Emergency Medical Services and others who work to create innovative ways for safe and efficient management of incidents, and develop training that encourages and enables the development of local response plans, according to the report.