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Feb 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Some years back we had a black standard poodle that stood almost as high as my belt buckle. She was my buddy, pill and we played together whenever we had the chance. I would throw the Frisbee and she would fetch and give it a chew or two before returning it to me for another toss. When we lost her I cried and vowed never to have another dog — ever.

Well, grandmother got a cute little white dog that was energetic and fun to have around. Besides, she didn’t eat much and was content to lie upside down and sleep on the couch for hours. GM’s dog grew on us until we got one too. While they were not littermates, they looked exactly alike, except ours was slightly larger but always submissive to GM’s dog, which was a couple of years older.

And then, GM became ill and we lost her and that was terrible. But in the process, we gained another dog and that was good because the older dog trained and housebroke our pup. They play together, run through the house and then lie down for a nap. They reside in our garden room and have their own doggie door so they can come and go into their private backyard as they please.

Every year we send out a Christmas letter to family and friends and for the first time, we sent a picture of our two white dogs in place of a picture of Joan and me. Got some interesting responses to the dog picture and Joan printed some extra copies of the picture for later mailings. I posted a copy on the file cabinet that sits behind and above my computer screen so every time I look up, both dogs are looking directly into my eyes.

Know what? When I get up and walk away, their eyes follow me. Can’t seem to get away from those staring dogs. I’ll either have to move or move them.

Now it’s time to feed the “dawgs.”