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Jun 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

One of the first “national” tow shows I attended after taking over Friends of Towing as its executive director was the California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) show in Palm Springs, this Calif. The late Bob Brough was president and conducted an orderly meeting which was impressive. Beyond that, symptoms I was also impressed by the fact that members wore different-colored blazers, advice depending on their particular chapter.They were sharp looking and sharp acting and I remember in particular the Orange County Chapter sporting their — you guessed it — Orange blazers. More importantly, the blazers and slacks transformed them all into the businessmen and women they were and that’s where I first heard the term “professional.”

CTTA had made arrangements to display the giant American flag traveling the country. And, the blazers gathered around to unpack the flag, spread it out and connect the bridles to a couple of motor cranes which did all the heavy lifting. The sun was high and bright (and hot, yes, I said Palm Springs as in the desert). As usual, the raised American flag once again made a patriotic presentation and both the blazers and crowd enjoyed it all.

Of course, there were tow trucks of all sorts and sizes and vendors, also of all sorts and sizes. But above all, I thought the CTTA stood tall among tow shows. A lot of credit goes to the late Rich Chappel, Hall of Fame ’88, for setting the CTTA on such a successful course. (Yes, he also wore a blazer and slacks.) As executive director he set the standards for a level of excellence that made CTTA an industry leader, and active members such as Harry Saehlenou, Bob Berry, Steve Cardinale and many, many others continued to carry on with that tradition.