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Critical Tandem Rotator Lift

Jul 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Recovery

On December 21, 2009, Kauff’s Towing and Transportation was called to lift a cargo loader off a flatbed trailer and set it on a flatrack for overseas shipping. I was met by a representative from the company that built it. He explained that it had to be lifted by two cranes because the lift points were critical and it had to be vertical. He also said the weight was not balanced. We put the Century 75-ton rotator on the heavy end, which was also taller, and the Challenger 70-ton rotator on the lighter, shorter side.

Reach was the factor, not weight. We set the spreader bars at 10 feet and rigged the 75 with a 2-part line and a 22-ton snatch block. It was to be lifting 39,000 lbs. The 70 had a lift of around 18,000 lbs.

Once lifted, we rotated it between the two trucks and set it on the flatrack. Even the dunnage was transferred and had to go back in the original spot. Jobs like this are made possible because of the equipment we have and the confidence we have in it. This loader has a value of $750,000.

Mike Scheidt is towing manager with Kauff’s Towing and Transportation with multiple locations in South Florida.