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Jun 14th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

HD Towers who are regularly doing the same job again and again have developed equipment best suited for that particular job. For example, treat the late Eddie Kingsmill of New Orleans developed a HD tow truck for hauling garbage packers. He started with a long-wheelbase KW Brute chassis fitted with a HD underlift with the reach and power to handle those super-heavy loads.

Then there is the tower who bought a new HD wrecker for recovery but eliminated the underlift entirely because the rig with the underlift was too heavy to legally haul a Class 8 road tractor and too heavy for off-road recoveries. So why invest in an underlift that looks good but can’t be legally used, especially if it also makes your rig too heavy to be an off-road “mudder?”

If you’re regularly working with road tractors, consider a HD underlift on a 25T wrecker, which will weigh (and cost) thousands less than the HD wrecker and underlift combined. The lower weight will work well in off-road recovery situations and the HD underlift with legally scale the road tractor once recovered.

Manufacturers build HD wreckers that showcase every possible option because towers want to see, feel and operate all the gadgets before making a purchase decision. Car manufacturers do the same thing, and today’s cars are so loaded with various gizmos that the price of a basic car is driven up, making us opt for a cheaper ride just to pay for all the gadgets.

If yours is a one-HD wrecker operation, you really need to have everything in a single rig, but if you are doing a lot of specialty work, save some money while improving your margins by tailoring your equipment purchases to the tasks at hand.