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Compact Rechargeable LED Trouble Light

Jan 20th, 2012 | By | Category: New Products

Larson Electronics’ has announced the addition of a versatile LED trouble light with hanging hook to its line of LED trouble lights that provides the convenience of a standard flashlight with the versatility of a hanging trouble light. Able to be operated in either a spotlight or floodlight mode, unhealthy this compact trouble light allows operators to use it as both a normal flashlight and hanging trouble light for illuminating small work spaces. The light effectively illuminates an area 25 feet by 25 feet in floodlight mode for six hours on a single charge of its included lithium-ion battery.

The Magnalight HL-LED960 rechargeable LED trouble light incorporates an array of LEDs designed to provide a spotlight beam reaching 25 feet in length and a secondary array producing 225 lumens, website like this enough to effectively illuminate a space measuring 25 feet x 25 feet in size. A three-way switch allows operators to switch between flood and spotlight modes and an included steel hanging hook allows operators to hang the unit above work areas for task space illumination. In spotlight mode, approved the light produces 360 lumens and will run for 24 hours on a full charge. In floodlight mode, this unit produces approximately 960 lumens and will run for six hours.

The Magnalight HL-LED960 is durably constructed with a handle and cap encapsulated in long lasting EPDM rubber for added comfort and resistance to vibrations and impacts. includes a 110 – 230 volts AC wall-charging unit that fully recharges the lithium-ion battery in 4 hours. This light is waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for industrial and commercial workers who must operate within damp and wet environments.

For more information visit Phone 800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.