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Come Dance With Me

Aug 15th, 2014 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri RoskopfSometimes an acronym can be annoying if it takes a while to figure out what it means (kind of like some personalized license plates) and at other times you know exactly what they stand for. For example: AAA, there NASA or the NBA.

In the July issue of Tow Times magazine, viagra there was an announcement that towPartners Advisor, prescription published by FTI Groups Inc. for over 10 years, would be a new feature in Tow Times.

I get the “tow partners” part, but I wasn’t sure what FTI meant until I began reading the article. FTI means For The Industry and when they say “for the industry” — they really mean it.

Their commitment to the towing industry is for unity, not division. They have an open mind and listen, helping to provide everything from business resources to measurable ways of improving costs. They gather data and share information to allow business owners the opportunity to know what is happening elsewhere in the industry, so those owners don’t have to make decisions alone.

For The Industry also supports state and national towing associations along with the history of towing and honors those who lose their lives while working in this dangerous industry. For The Industry partners with the towing community, serving 30 industry associations and it has 6,000 member companies.

As I turned the page to the second part of the FTI Groups article, I was blasted with the heading “Just The Facts” which contained interesting and informative industry statistics on things like the average years in business, towing operator pay structures and national average tow rates. The dollar amount and percentages of the data collected made me look at where my business measured with the national averages.

As I turned to the next page, I found another interesting and helpful article, “Implementing a Driver Training Program.” Who doesn’t need help or new tips on this topic?

It’s good to know that when you need a partner in the day-to-day dance of doing business in the towing industry, you can count on Tow Times, towPartners and FTI Groups.