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Chillicothe, Ohio, Tow Company Owners Argue Against City-Owned Impound Lot

Apr 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: National News

Tow truck company operators in Chillicothe, Ohio, are voicing their objections to a proposal for the city to operate its own impound lot. At a meeting on Wednesday, March 31, law enforcement officials maintain that a city-operated impound lot will offer a more secure environment for preserving evidence in vehicles involved in crimes and, according to a council member, the city will be able to raise much-needed revenue, a news report said.

Local towing business owners told members of a safety committee that a city-operated impound lot would take away an important revenue source, towers already do a good job of securing vehicles, and a city-operated lot will take police officers off the street to respond to the lot. The city will also have to deal with not just vehicle owners, but insurance adjusters and body shops, towers said.

Another proposed rule would require businesses that tow for the city to obtain a license and observe fee schedules. The proposed initial fee was $500 and $250 per year, which most council members agreed with towing businesses that it appeared high. Towing operators said they were already licensed by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission, they meet insurance requirements, and have fencing and lights at their storage lots.

The city’s police chief said the only additional cost to the city in creating the lot would be the cost of labor to install fencing and a security system, the report said.