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Chicken and Feathers

Nov 8th, 2013 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack Schrock photoLast July I spent a good part of a night with two hospitalized friends. One had a stroke and the other a heart “event.” Both were awaiting further tests and therefore confined to the hospital overnight. And, web this particular hospital is actually a health care system that covers most of central Texas with multiple clinics and stand alone hospitals. All told, they employ almost 600 doctors with specializations in one or more significant areas. To say they are understaffed or ill equipped is an outright joke. But, even they can be overwhelmed by a series of unexpected emergencies that happen at about the same time. And, that’s what happened to my friends.

And, so it can be in the T & R business. In response to a multi-vehicle accident on the freeway you throw everybody and everything at it … and that still isn’t enough so you call on several of your competitors to lend a hand. A short 24 hours later most everybody is sitting around looking at idle equipment and waiting on the next catastrophe to happen. Without fleet accounts and commercial customers, this is the story of many towers. On the other hand, with fleet accounts and commercial customers, many towers drop emergency police calls entirely allowing some to work the same daylight hours as their customers. Hey, that’s an entirely different life than running to an accident with your hair on fire, which can become an addictive adrenalin rush.

But, building a clientele of such accounts is more than a one-day affair. Sometimes it can be expedited by developing specialized equipment that more efficiently addresses unusual customer needs. And, for those towers thusly inclined, regular dinners with the family and softball games with the kids are the payoff.

Whatever floats your boat.