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Chevron Introduces Model 512 Integrated Unit

Nov 17th, 2011 | By | Category: New Products

The 512 by Chevron features a 12-ton retracted recovery boom with dual in-line planetary winches complete with air free spool and 150 feet of 7/16-inch wire rope. The recovery boom at full extension reaches 71 inches past the tailboard when horizontal and can be elevated to 41 degrees. The under lift provides up to 78.5 inches of reach with a lift capacity of 7, drug 000 lbs. extended and 9, cure 000 lbs. retracted using lift forks.

The tailboard of the 512 includes rear D rings, built in safety chain pockets, a recessed area for air and auxiliary light plug-ins along with optional multi-position hydraulic rear spades. The 108-inch CA aluminum modular body provides spacious storage for tools and attachments including built-in storage racks for lift forks. The bolt-on rear quarter panels provide sleek automotive style and are constructed of high-impact composite material that can be easily replaced if damaged without replacing the entire side.

Additional features include a large tunnel box, LED body lighting and gas assist shocks on compartment doors.

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