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Charlotte City Council To Vote on Predatory Towing Rule

Feb 15th, 2011 | By | Category: National News

Tow truck drivers met with the Charlotte, information pills N.C., there City Council Monday, February 14, as the council discussed their new predatory towing plan, according to a news report. Towers say the plan is a bad idea and could be dangerous.

The danger, they say, comes from two parts of the new rule: one, that requires them to be available to give cars back 24 hours a day, and two, that they wait and check with police to make sure a vehicle is not stolen before towing it.

In both instances, the towers say that irate drivers may threaten them, and cause danger to themselves and their customers, the report states.

Towers are also upset about a provision forcing them to accept credit cards. They say people angry about being towed will dispute the charges. Companies, they say, usually win the fight, but they have to pay money in the process, according to the report.

The council however says in this modern age towing companies need to accept credit cards, and that the rules are meant to protect drivers from predatory towing and make it easier for those who have their cars towed, the report states.

The new rules will apply to people towed from private and commercial lots. The council plans to vote on the matter February 28.