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Nov 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Before there were any cell phones, side effects we were always looking for the nearest pay phone. The rush to get off the airliner was to be first at the pay phone carousel. And, driving a large wrecker, I was always challenged to find a suitable pay phone, which is to say, one that’s not shared with the cashier in the coffee shop.

Yep, I had three requirements for a pit stop. The first was a place with room to park my wrecker within walking distance to the coffee shop. Next, we needed a restroom just to freshen up a bit. And, finally there had to be “reasonable” access to a pay telephone. When you consider all three requirements together, you’d be surprised how few places qualify, especially if you’re not on an interstate highway.

Now, back to the cell phone. My first one was actually a “bag” phone, and the bag contained a battery that weighed in at about ten pounds. But, there was also good news because that particular phone had much more power than today’s phones so both the range and clarity were better. But, the bag was really a hassle, especially if you were walking around working a show or whatever. I finally retired the bag and had the phone installed in my car, where it did a great job until the car wore out and had to be replaced.

Today I gather that the cell phone has grown into a camera, computer, calendar and whatever else the user needs. For me, my phone is simple, cheap and laughed at by my grandchildren because it only makes and receives calls. But, you know what? I turn it off when I’m with them, but they don’t turn their’s off when they are with me, so having a discussion with them is just about impossible.