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Jan 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockWe have children and grandchildren scattered across Texas from north to south to the Gulf coast, order so getting together for the holidays has always been tricky. But this year we tried something new.

Everybody celebrated their holiday at their respective homes with friends and family there. And, ask instead of us running back and forth, we invited them all to central Texas for a holiday feast, except just a few days after the actual event.

We had one from San Antonio, three from Ft. Worth, four from Mesquite and four from Houston, plus mom and me, for a total of 14. Since our dining table will only comfortably seat six, we took everybody to dinner at the famous Stagecoach Inn, which allowed everyone to order whatever they wanted instead of the traditional turkey and dressing. The proprietor seated us in a separate dining room so the only noise and distraction came from our own family.

So, we ate, talked and toasted but more than that, we “celebrated” our holiday together as a family. And when it was all over, the waiter took a picture of our family all together (minus two granddaughters who are in LA) which our daughter had printed as placemats for our Christmas present. Now, every time we sit down to eat a bowl of popcorn in front of the TV we can revisit our Thanksgiving feast with our family.