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CAA Continues Support of Survivor Fund

Jul 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Spotlight

CAA supports Survivor Fund Source: CAA

For the sixth year in a row, CAA is proud to make a financial contribution to the Survivor Fund of the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum.

“As Canada’s largest provider of roadside assistance, CAA understands the risks faced every day by tow truck operators,” said Mike Mager, President of CAA Manitoba. “We are pleased to do our part to help the families of those who have lost a loved one.”

The Survivor Fund was established to benefit the families of individuals who lose their lives while aiding the motoring public. Although the public tends to view the occupation as not overly hazardous, the risks associated with the towing profession can be considerable. Industry estimates suggest that as many as 100 or more tow truck operators are killed annually while on the job in North America.

“Not many Canadians realize how dangerous it is to be a tow truck operator,” Mager said. “Imagine doing your job while having vehicles zip by you only a few feet away at 100 km/h — this is a daily reality for tow truck operators.”

CAA Clubs continue to work with provincial authorities to promote the need for “Slow Down Move Over” legislation to protect all roadside workers.

This year’s check was accepted by Towing Museum Board and Survivor Fund Committee member Randy Olson from representatives of the CAA Clubs at the 2013 AAA/CAA Automotive Conference.

“On the behalf of The Survivor Fund and Towing Museum we would like to thank CAA for their donation of $2,250 and their continued support to the fund over the years that has totaled $13,500,” said Olson. “Their efforts with both “Slow Down Move Over” legislation along with their generous ongoing support to provide assistance to families who lose a loved one shows their strong commitment to the towing industry and operators”

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