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Buying a Wrecker

Apr 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

From inception in 1916 to the early 70s, advice a Holmes rep acted as both a salesman and facilitator. Often, buy more about he would sell the wrecker demo he was driving which was the slickest and quickest. And he was usually called on to assist with the sale of the tower’s old wrecker since Holmes did not take trades. And then there was financing, which the rep was also called on to arrange. However, when the rep sold his demo, he was out of business until he could get his hands on a replacement, a process that could take weeks or longer.

Now if the tower wanted a different wrecker model than the rep’s demo, a special factory order would be placed and the rep was often called on to help the customer locate and buy a suitable truck chassis that was drop-shipped to the factory. Sometimes such a truck was available in local inventory, in which event somebody had to drive it to the plant and that somebody was often the sales rep. Following installation, somebody had to pick up the completed unit and drive it to the tower’s place of business. Again this was often a job for the rep. We can go on about up-fitting needed accessories and arranging painting in the field and that cost was often not included in the original financing. Yes, the rep was usually involved with that process as well. There’s more to this story than this limited space will allow, but you get the idea.

Today, your Class A distributor takes your trade, installs your new wrecker from his inventory, including up-fitting with needed accessories, painting, etc., arranges competitive financing for the entire package and delivers the completed unit sometimes in just a few days but usually in a week or so. In many cases, your new wrecker is already installed, up-fitted and painted and is available for immediate sale. In this case, delivery can be completed in a single day, which is very important to the smaller tower who has just crashed his only wrecker.

Now you know the real value of a Class A distributor.