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Sep 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Tow Dogs

Buster, here a four-year-old lab/rotti mix, store is a rescue from Puerto Rico. He was found living on his own in the mountains and was flown to 2nd Chance rescue here in New Hampshire. I met him and fell in love.

He comes to work everyday with me. The customers love him and sometimes come in just to see him. He will balance a bone on his nose, then flip it in the air and catch it, along with his many other tricks. He loves to entertain people and play with all the dogs that come to visit.

When a call comes in he is ready to roll and enjoys riding in the trucks. When work is slow his favorite thing is catching frogs in the stream behind the shop. Buster had added something so special to our lives.

Lisa Carter, manager

J&D Towing

Wilton, N.H.