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Brakes Put on Metro Plan to Require Free Towing for Recovered Stolen Vehicles 

Mar 3rd, 2017 | By | Category: Industry News

The following is a news release from The McGovern Law Firm, Knoxville, Tennessee:

A proposed Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County ordinance that would have required towing companies to waive towing and storage fees on recovered stolen vehicles was put on hold February 21. Proposed ordinance BL2017-587 called for Metro-licensed towing companies to release recovered stolen vehicles without charge upon presentation of evidence that the vehicle was a stolen recovery.

In a February 3 letter to sponsor Councilmember Nick Leonardo, Michael McGovern, the attorney for Davidson County Zone Towing Association (DCZTA), said that the proposed Metro law violated the state statute which gives towing companies the right to hold vehicles until paid for their services and was also extremely unfair to the Metro tow operators: “Of all the persons and entities involved in the theft and recovery of a stolen motor vehicle — the owner, the insurance company, the thief, and the law enforcement agency — the towing firm is the most innocent.” He suggested that if the Metro Council felt that the owners of recovered stolen vehicles should be relieved of paying towing and storage fees, then Metro should pay the invoices. “The bottom line is this,” he wrote. “Nashville towing companies cannot, and should not, be forced to provide free towing services when they assist the MPD in recovering a stolen vehicle.”

At the February 21 meeting of the Metro Committee on Public Safety, Beer, and Regulated Beverages, Councilmember Leonardo asked that his “free towing” proposal be tabled indefinitely, effectively ending its consideration by the Metro Council.

DCZTA President Jim Mitchell, of Dad’s Towing, Madison, attended the committee session.