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Biplane Recovery

Jul 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: Recovery

In the summer of 2009, the pilot of a Stearman biplane was attempting to take off from a field near Hahnville, La., when the plane’s rear wheel hit a bump and flipped the vintage aircraft upside-down. The pilot received serious injuries but survived.

The airplane’s owner called Jake’s Towing, with locations in Boutte and Avondale, La., to handle the recovery. Jake’s responded with a 2007 Peterbilt with a Century 1060 rotator, a Peterbilt with a Vulcan V-100, and a Ford F-750 with a Holmes unit.

Jake’s Towing spokesman Clint Jacob says the owner wanted the aircraft’s engine removed before the recovery, and a mechanic was flown in. After the mounting assembly was removed using tools from Jake’s trucks, the engine was lifted out of the fuselage by Jake’s rotator.

With the owner, insurance representatives and FAA officials on scene, Jake’s operators rigged to the aircraft and carefully lifted and rotated the biplane upright.

Total time: approximately four hours. The recovery was damage-free and another successful job by Jake’s Towing, the company customers call with challenging recoveries throughout southeast Louisiana.

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