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Bills and Cards

Dec 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

It seems to me that the month of December brings bills, bills and more bills, taxes, insurance, license renewals and more. The good thing is, along with the bills come Christmas cards and greetings. It is so nice to have something other than bills to open.

I love the new tradition of sending pictures as a greeting card. How nice it is to open the envelope and see smiling faces and wishes of love, joy, peace and a Happy New Year. I also find it interesting to see the type of card each person sends. Some send photos of their tow trucks, Santa in a tow truck, traditional happy holidays, seasons greetings and Merry Christmas. Some have glitter all over them (and me), some are simple and others are fancy, pre-printed and embossed.

It doesn’t matter what the card looks like. I love it that someone took the time to think of my husband, employees and me. And besides, it doesn’t have a dollar amount and “net 20 days” on it. My kind of mail.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health, lots of love, joy and laughter.