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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Considers Operating Towing Services

Oct 20th, 2010 | By | Category: National News

Officials of the City of Bethlehem, cure Pennsylvania, are considering operating the city’s own towing and storage. According to a news report, the city is reacting to a difficult budget situation and would like to include added revenues in its 2011 budget. Bethlehem’s public work director estimates it could net the city $200,000 per year.

Five towing companies contract with the city for towing services. A tower quoted in the report says the move will put them out of business, and cities should not compete with private businesses. The city’s estimates for expenses in operating its own towing services are also incorrect, the tower said, and liability for potential damage to vehicles is also not being considered.

The contracting towers have offered their own counter-plan, which could increase the amount the city receives from them to $88,000 per year, the report said. The towing companies would begin paying the city $35 per tow instead of paying the current quarterly fee, and the city could charge a $20 surcharge to each person retrieving their vehicle.

City officials want the added revenue sources included in a budget to be proposed in the next three weeks, the report said.