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Behind in Everything

May 1st, 2017 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

I asked if I could take a week off from writing my blog because I would be attending the Florida Tow Show. I planned to catch up with the blog the week after, but when I returned home I came down with some sort of flu bug and was down and out for three days.

While it’s always good to get away for a few days to attend a tow show, and for some R & R, it’s good to get home too. (Notice I didn’t say “get back to work.”) With me being at the show and then out of the office sick – yuck – I’m now really behind in everything — both at home and work.

I’m sure many of you who own small towing businesses can relate. Pretty much everything gets piled on your desk until you get home. I do have to thank my staff for stepping up and putting in extra hours to cover for me – thank goodness for that.

Even though most of my time at the Florida Tow Show was spent attending meetings I did get a chance to meet with some towing friends and to go through the show floor and grounds. There were over 160 exhibitors inside and outside along with lots of industry eye candy — everything from light-duty tow trucks to heavy-duty rotators. Can’t even imagine the amount of money in equipment that was on display, in addition to the trucks owners brought to enter into the beauty contest — pretty impressive.

They say if you play you have to pay and even though I’m behind in everything I wouldn’t trade my time away in sunny Florida. The flu bug? That I definitely could have done without.