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Dec 4th, 2015 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

Jack SchrockOur attitude has more to do with our success than anything else. Our attitude speaks volumes about who we are, how we treat people and how we will fulfill our promises.

Here’s an example: the Tow Boss has been up all night working a wreck on the interstate. He just stayed at the shop when the work was done and started grabbing the phone because office secretary hadn’t come to work. So his attitude was little more than a harsh bark when this nice lady called to see if he could transfer her luxury car to Phoenix for the winter. Just by the way he barked “HELLO” she knew at once that she didn’t want to do business with such a person because he couldn’t be trusted with her $100,000 car. Yep, believe it or not, folks can form an opinion of you just by the way you answer the phone.

And, there’s another component to attitude that’s worth mentioning. The end result is generally determined by our attitude. If you’ve determined this will be a rotten day, it will be for sure. If you think this can be a great day, it probably will.

Our attitude controls our destiny.