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Atlantic Emergency Solutions Supports Breast Cancer Research

Feb 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Industry News

Towing for Ta-Tas, visit an eye-catching, approved pink vinyl-wrapped, light-duty tow truck sold by Atlantic Emergency Solutions, a Jerr-Dan dealer, has gotten the attention of towing companies and consumers alike. There’s no denying that the towing industry is male-dominated. With that in mind, Joe Pack, President and CEO of Atlantic Emergency Solutions and Danny Horton, Director of Towing and Recovery Sales, found a meaningful and charitable way to include “the girls,” said a company press release. Through the involvement of many team members at Atlantic, a customized “Ta-Ta Tow Truck” was designed as a tribute to Breast Cancer Research.

Towing for Ta-Tas is the company’s way of increasing awareness about breast cancer and raising money toward breast cancer research. “Most people can relate to breast cancer as so many have friends or loved ones affected by it each year,” says Pack, who didn’t hesitate when Horton proposed the idea and welcomed the opportunity to build awareness and support.

“The idea immediately became a team project at Atlantic.” Horton said.

Craig Goldstein, owner of Westway Towing in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., purchased the truck at its Baltimore tow show debut. The truck returned to Rock Star Wraps to have the company name and logo added to the truck, along with the name of a friend who lost her life to the disease. Goldstein has committed one dollar for every tow made by this truck to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. With the purchase of the Ta-Ta Truck, Atlantic Emergency Solutions donated $500 in Goldstein’s name to breast cancer research.

Source: Atlantic Emergency Solutions