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Another Perspective

Aug 3rd, 2018 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

A woman called about having her tire changed. She wanted to know how long and how much. Within a half hour, I said, and I told her the fee for the service call. “That long and that much?” she said. “Forget it.”

I hope she found someone to help her in less time and for less money. Perhaps she called her husband, who I’m sure loved to get the phone call at work, having to leave his job wearing his suit and tie and then realizing the danger of changing a tire on the side of the road — all while listening to his wife carrying on about how long it would have taken to get service and the cost of same.

I tried waitressing once, and boy was I failure at that. I thought it would be a piece of cake, but it gave me a different perspective of the long hours of being on your feet, the challenge of always wearing a smile and giving my best in customer service, and not getting the tips I deserved. I discovered that there are some very stingy people out there.

I think many of us criticize and pre-judge people or a profession without thinking of the cost/value of their service or of their perspective of what’s going on in their lives. We don’t warn other people by walking around with a sign that says, “I just lost a loved one, so that’s why I look so sad” or “my rates are based on the cost of equipment, wages, insurance, etc.”

Like my experience of being a waitress, there’s value in understanding where people are coming from and getting another perspective.

(And I’m sure if the woman who wanted her tire changed did call her husband for help, after all was said and done, he would have used our service.)