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AMSOIL Reformulated Silicone Spray

Oct 4th, 2013 | By | Category: New Products

AMSOIL silicone sprayAMSOIL Silicone Spray has recently undergone a reformulation and packaging redesign. The product is delivered by means of an aerosol spray that effectively lubricates and protects nonmetal surfaces with a dry lubricating film, information pills making it ideal for applications that may be damaged by conventional lubricants such as grease or oil. AMSOIL Silicone Spray provides protection where light-duty or silicone lubricants are recommended, help including rubber, search plastic, nylon, upholstery, vinyl, wood, cardboard and other nonmetal surfaces.

Silicone Spray’s special non-staining formula is also excellent for waterproofing and protecting leather boots, shoes, jackets, suede and more. For leather and sensitive surfaces, initially apply to a small area. Silicone Spray may slightly alter the color or hue of the leather. It leaves a clear, odorless film and locks out water while keeping applications contaminant free.

AMSOIL Silicone Spray now comes with new packaging and a quantity increase when ordering by the case. The product is available in 10-oz spray cans.

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