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Jul 26th, 2013 | By | Category: Spotlight
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Wes Wilburn Consulting and have merged into the American Towing & Recovery Institute (AT&RI), approved a not for profit membership-based organization focused on areas of common interest for member companies. Founded by Wes Wilburn, the organization plans to add additional training venues for members and has numerous plans to serve its membership group including buying discounts, positive public relations campaigns and more. Presently, AT&RI is working on several points of concern on behalf of AT&RI members including:

• A national public relations campaign that features a White House petition for a complete “National Move Over & Slow Down” law. AT&RI asks the towing industry to go to and click “Please sign our White House Move Over & Slow Down Petition” link, create an account and sign the petition. Follow the instructions provided in the email from the White House website. The organization says it has 30 days to reach 100,000 signatures before the White House will officially respond to its request for a National Move Over & Slow Down law. Contact AT&RI with any questions.

• A member pricing catalog available online at AT&RI is now adding items to its second member pricing catalog to be published later this summer.

According to an AT&RI press release, the organization will also focus on “helping quality towing companies work together on issues of common interest to save money, time and hassle.”

AT&RI invites towers to visit its website, for more information about the organization and how to join.

Wes Wilburn Consulting will continue to conduct training events around the country and offer equipment sales, consulting, networking opportunities, etc.

The American Towing & Recovery Institute thanks the Founding Members group for their support:

Henry’s Wrecker Service, VA & MD

G & S Service Des Monies, IA

Phillip’s Towing, Fayetteville, NC

Weil Wrecker Service, Birmingham, AL

Ewing Bros, Las Vegas NV

Lloyd’s Towing Service Shreveport, LA

Garrett’s Towing Thomasville, NC

Waffco Towing, Lake Station, IN

Sante FE Tow Service, Lenexa, KS

Rudy Smith Service Inc, New Orleans, LA

Casper’s Body Shop & Towing, Greeneville, TN

Bob’s Garage & Towing, Painesville, OH

Hurst Towing, Birmingham, AL

Fred Robertson Wrecker Service, Tuscaloosa, AL

Bobby’s Towing Service, Staunton, VA

Piasecki Service, Toledo, OH

World Truck Towing, Seville, OH

F & S Automotive, Mantua, OH

Rapid Recovery Towing, Hampton Bays, NY

R & S Towing, Chalmette, LA

Hunter Wrecker Service, Charlotte, NC

Brinkley’s Wrecker Service, Suffolk, VA

Chuck MacLellan, Branchburg, NJ

Connollys Towing, Arvada, CO

Bob’s Towing, Sheridan, CO

Flynn Towing, London OH

East Coast Paul Best Raleigh NC

Lynn Hope Towing, Greeneville, TN

Redman Fleet Service, Lorton, VA

Diesel Engine & Equipment Repair, Blairs, VA