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American Force Wheels New Video

Aug 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Industry News

American Force Wheels new video.You don’t have to imagine what American Force custom designed, forged aluminum wheels would look like on your pickup truck, tow truck or Jeep.

American Force’s newest video is eye candy for truck owners and its now showing on the company’s website: Offering an inside look at the premier wheel manufacturer’s designers at work, the video is an artful, visual platform for American Force 5-, 6- 8-lug and dually forged aluminum wheels as they roll through the streets of Miami, the company’s headquarters location.

“We wanted to give truck owners a real-world view of how our custom wheels appear in everyday use,” said American Force Wheels Marketing Manager Deyan Font.

The 6061 forged aluminum wheels, which are custom made to order, appear on sleek trucks, both lifted and lowered, with tight shots showing off the aggressive sizes and offsets with distinctive finishes. The 2-minute, 49-second video closes with shots showcasing American Force wheels’ curb appeal.