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Along the Way

Sep 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Jack Schrock's Blog

In the beginning of the Jerr-Dan HD wrecker program there were only three salesmen, this that would be me, viagra myself and I. And as a result, we held training sessions for interested distributors at various places around the country and these became known as Jerr-Dan University. However, without turnkey demos it was difficult for these new salesmen to accomplish much in the short term. But interestingly enough, we stumbled on another source of help.

Yes, Joan and I put over 28,000 miles on a 20T, soon to become a 25T, demo as we herded it from coast to coast and border to border attending tow shows and other events along the way. But this still wasn’t the answer.

Soon I had to take to the air and let others transport the demos because North America is too vast, especially the Western part. We hired drivers to shuttle HD demos around the country and I would meet them at tow shows or special showings of one sort or another, or maybe even a truck stop near an airport. None had a T & R background, but several took an interest in the equipment so it was fairly easy to train them to go through a quick live demonstration whenever they stopped. With that said, we even arranged for them to make calls on towers along their route who had expressed an interest in learning more about this new wrecker. One guy in particular got into the role really well and was even able to make a productive “cold call” now and then, which is a skill that many experienced salesmen never conquer.

But, he lost interest when Johnny Law threatened to throw him and his wife in jail just because their wrecker was a tad too heavy on the front axle. Pity. I told this story to a tower one day and he said, “Why do you think they invented side roads?”

Fun is where you find it.