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All in a Day’s Work

Nov 29th, 2013 | By | Category: Geri Roskopf's Blog

Geri Roskpf When you’re in a towing business, viagra 100mg there are a certain amount of emotions you deal with from customers:

Frustration — because their vehicle won’t start and they need to get to a doctor’s appointment, or their vehicle needs to be towed for repair and they’ll be without wheels for a while — let alone having to come up with the money to pay for the towing and repair bills.

Disbelief — “It’s going to cost how much?” or “It’s going to be how long before you can get here?”

Anxiety and worry — dealing with what may be their first accident and not knowing what to do — first filing a claim with their insurance company, not knowing if the vehicle is repairable or not, what they will get for replacement value, having to shop for another vehicle. Perhaps they were injured and will have medical issues, and will have to miss days at work. Coming to the tow lot to get personal belongings and then seeing their vehicle since the accident can create many emotions as well.

Thankful and grateful – when they see their mangled vehicles, many vehicle owners are thankful for their lives. You can replace metal, but not people. They are grateful nobody was seriously hurt. I have seen many who break down and cry. It’s a nice feeling when customers extend thanks and gratitude when our service goes beyond their expectations — something that, as a small towing business, we always strive to do.

And then there is anger — one of the quickest emotions we have. I find this the hardest emotion to deal with. I try to tell myself that the person is angry at the situation and to not take it personally, but sometimes it’s very hard not to get emotional myself.

As the holidays approach and winter weather has arrived, I know there will be a roller coaster of emotions I’ll be dealing with. Today, however, as Si from Duck Dynasty says: I personally am going to be “happy, happy, happy!”