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After Storm, New Jersey Towing Operators Re-unite Motorists with Vehicles

Feb 1st, 2011 | By | Category: National News

In the aftermath of a major December storm that stranded scores of motorists in the Northeast, purchase New Jersey’s Garden State Towing Association (GSTA) issued a press release when motorists had difficulty locating their towed vehicles.

“Towing companies helped hundreds of stranded motorists through one of the worst storms in the Northeast, treatment ” the December 31st release said. “In the aftermath, rx some people are having difficulty finding their vehicles that were abandoned on the roads because they don’t know who towed them.”

The confusion occurred because each township has towing companies contracted to do work in their town, but if a motorist’s car was stranded on a road regulated by the state police, that is a different contract with different towing companies, stated John Glass, GSTA president. He also noted that some people simply didn’t know where they left their vehicles.

Police departments sought for assistance from towing companies, and the GSTA encouraged area towing companies that towed vehicles during the storm to forward a list of those vehicles to the state police and surrounding municipalities. To help law enforcement and towing companies locate their vehicles, the GSTA advised the motoring public to supply the correct vehicle information including the license plate and Vehicle Identification Number, if possible.