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Electronic Guidelines – Print

When sending digital ads, please adhere to the following guidelines. Tow Times will not be responsible for the final output of ads submitted which do not adhere to these guidelines.


Preparation Summary

  • Use one of the designated programs and media (see Computer Programs).
  • Size documents to the trim size of the publication (8.125″ w x 10.875″ d)
  • Bleeds must extend 1/4-inch or more beyond the trim area.
  • Keep live matter 1/4-inch within trim.
  • Single-page files are preferred.
  • 150 Line screen, all scans at 300 dpi
  • Include all fonts when submitting files.
  • Create outlines for fonts that are embedded in any graphics.
  • Use CMYK for all color scans and artwork.

Computer Programs

We currently accept electronic materials from the following programs:

  • High res PDF files accepted (at least 300dpi)
  • Adobe InDesign up to and including CC
  • Adobe Illustrator – up to and including Version CC
  • PhotoShop – up to and including Version CC

We prefer that you not use Corel Draw, Microsoft Word or any PC-based programs to build your ads. However, with proper review and *preparation we may be able to accommodate your file. Contact our production department,

In the event that we are unable to access your electronic file, please be prepared to send film and proof. A $100 charge will be added for each ad needing digitization from film.

When Sending Files Follow These Steps

Media formats:

  • CD-Rom Preferred

Label each disk clearly:

  • Advertisers name/Ad name
  • Issue date of ad – Return address information
  • Printout of disk contents attached to the disk

Always send:

  • All linked/embedded graphics files

*If your file is in a program/format other than the ones listed or if you are unsure about whether your electronic file can be accepted, please contact our production department, or call 407/327-4817.

Details on File Submissions


  • All submissions MUST contain ALL fonts needed to output the document (including any fonts used by an imported graphic).
  • Both screen fonts and printer fonts MUST be supplied.
  • Remember that just making a font bold or italic on the screen does not mean it will print as bold or italic. You MUST have the actual bold or italic font and it MUST be included with your submission.
  • We cannot supply missing fonts.
  • We cannot read PC fonts.

Photos & Artwork

  • Tow Times will accept only EPS and TIFF formats for graphic images.
  • All fonts in Illustrator must be converted to outlines.
  • Images MUST be scanned and saved at 300 dpi at the final size.
  • Do not use the following Photoshop options:
    • Desktop Color Separation (DCS)
    • LZW Compression
    • JPEG Encoding.

Guidelines For TIFF Files:

  • Save scanned B/W photos as gray scale (never scan as halftone) at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Save scanned color photos as CMYK (be sure to convert color scans) at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Any format other than CMYK will output B/W. There will be a charge to correct any file that outputs B/W due to incorrect color formatting ($65/hr for production time plus the cost of re-outputting the file).
  • If possible, scale and rotate TIF graphics before importing them.

Guidelines For EPS Files:

  • Always convert custom and spot colors to process.
  • Avoid importing scanned images into EPS files. Create the combined layout in a desktop publishing program (be sure to send all linked EPS and TIFF files).
  • Send any original program files and the EPS file (ie: IF scans are placed in Illustrator files please send the original placed files).
  • It is VERY important to outline fonts that are used in any graphics. In Illustrator, use “Create Outlines;” in Freehand, use “Convert to Paths.” This eliminates the possibility of missing a font or support files.
  • Delete all hidden or unnecessary layers or elements.
  • Set all strokes and traps in the EPS program.
  • When saving an image as a Photoshop EPS, do not save halftone screens or transfer functions as they cause moire patterns.

Page-Layout Programs

  • Ensure all graphics are linked and updated.
  • Convert all colors to CMYK.
  • Make sure there isn’t any hidden or run-over text (including paragraph returns).
  • Never use auto leading. Leading can change when the ad is placed in another file.
  • Create unique H&J and Style Sheet settings for your ads. Same reason as above.
  • Create ad to exact size of Tow Times® ad specs. Do not bleed fractional ads beyond ad size.

Color Proofs For Electronic Ads

Unless a waiver is supplied by the advertiser, Tow Times will need to make a color proof of all 4-color ads there will be a charge of $50 per ad. Ads not meeting the electronic-submission specs will require intervention, and will be billed at $65 per hour. There is no color match or text output guarantee if digital proof is not provided.

  • Digital proof required for color ads as follows: Rainbow, Iris, Kodak Approval, or Diamond. Other digital proofing formats have not been proven as accurate for color matching. Note that we can only match digital proofs to SWAP standards from calibrated devices.
  • B/W ads require a B/W laser or comparable proof

Ship all disks to:

T.T. Publications
203 W. State Road 434
Winter Springs, FL 32708

Please contact Brenda Faulman or Sissy Figliolia with any questions. Thank you.